Security: A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it more difficult for hackers to intercept your data. This can be especially useful when using public Wi-Fi networks.
Privacy: A VPN can help protect your online privacy by hiding your IP address and online activity from your internet service provider (ISP) and other third parties.
Access to restricted content: Depending on your location, certain websites and online services may be blocked. A VPN can help you access these services by routing your traffic through a server in a different location.
Bypassing censorship: In some countries, the government censors certain websites and online services. A VPN can help you bypass these restrictions and access the internet freely.
It's important to note that VPNs are not a silver bullet for online privacy and security. It's still important to use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and be cautious when clicking on links or downloading files.

With LNVPN we've build a very simple VPN pay-as-you-go service paid via Bitcoin Lightning. Instead of paying around 5$ every month with your credit card for the privilege of being able to use a VPN service every now and then we provide you with a VPN connection on servers in different countries for one hour for only 10 cents in US$ -- paid via ⚡!

Very simple: On this website you automatically generate WireGuard VPN keys via JavaScript inside of your browser. After selecting a country where your VPN endpoint should be located and a desired validity of your connection you click "Get Invoice" to get a QR code which you can scan with a Bitcoin Lightning capable wallet like Phoenix, Muun, Breez or BlueWallet. After a successful payment, the website reloads and presents you a new QR code and the message PAID. You can now scan the QR code with the WireGuard App on Android Google Play or on the Apple App Store. If you want to use the VPN connection on your PC or Mac you can download the WireGuard configuration file to import it into WireGuard for Windows and MacOS. Of course you can also use it in CLI/Linux. You can as well send the configuration to yourself via Email to use it later on another device.

For this website, we use the service LNBits for lightning payments, Sendgrid for (optionally) sending WireGuard config file via email, React and socket.IO for WebSockets. On the VPN endpoints we don't use a commercial VPN service. We have our own servers in each country for each endpoint.

On the lnvpn.net website, we don't use cookies and we only store the first half of your ip address in our webserver logs. For example the IP would be stored as On the VPN endpoints we store your WireGuard public key, the PSK and the total amount of bandwidth you used. While you maintain an active connection to a LNVPN VPN endpoint, we have to keep your IP address in memory, but after 5 minutes of inactivity we remove your IP address from memory. We never store it on disk. As payments are only possible via Bitcoin Lightning, we don't know where the money comes from, we can only verify whether an invoice was paid or not 🤷. If you use the "Send via email" feature for your WireGuard configuration, the email is send via Sendgrid.

You won't be able to transfer any data over the VPN connection anymore. Your VPN client may indicate it is successfully connected, though.

Currently, we have five data plans:
1 hour = 5GB
1 day = 25GB
1 week = 75GB
1 month = 200GB
3 months = 450GB

Yes we do! If you want to use LNVPN for your application to provide VPN tunnels please visit: https://lnvpn.net/api/api-documentation.

Berlin Bitcoiners with Love ❤️.

Phone Numbers

  • Privacy: By using a disposable phone number, you can protect your personal phone number and keep it private. This can be useful when giving out your phone number to strangers or when signing up for online accounts where you don't want to share your real phone number.
  • Security: Disposable phone numbers can be used to protect against spam calls, phishing attacks, and other types of phone scams. If you receive a suspicious call or text on a disposable phone number, you can simply discard the number and get a new one.
  • Temporary use: One-time usage phone numbers are ideal for temporary or short-term use, such as when you need a phone number for a specific purpose or for a limited time.
  • Convenience: It can be convenient to use a disposable phone number when you don't want to give out your personal phone number, or when you need a phone number for a specific purpose but don't want to go through the hassle of getting a new SIM card or phone line.
  • Overall, one-time usage phone numbers can be a useful tool for protecting your privacy and security, particularly when engaging in online activities where you want to keep your personal information private.

    Receive service activations in a few clicks, anonymously 🎉
    1. Pick a Country & Service
    2. Pay the Lightning Network invoice
    3. Receive the SMS you requested.
    Note that if you have not received an SMS code successfully, your payment will be canceled automatically and funds will return to your wallet. No refund needed!

    When invoice is paid by the user, it's not finalized but HELD by the Lightning Node.
    For receive orders, Only when an activation code is successfully received the invoice is SETTLED.
    For send orders, Only when SMS status is "sent or delivered" the invoice is SETTLED.
    If no code is received within 20 minutes, invoice will be CANCELED and funds will automatically return to user's wallet.

    Affiliate Program

    The LNVPN Affiliate Program allows you to earn Bitcoin by referring new customers to our services. When someone signs up using your unique referral link and makes a purchase, you earn a 15% commission in Bitcoin.

    Simply sign up for our program (details coming soon) and get your unique referral link. Share this link with your friends, family, and followers to start earning.

    You earn a 15% commission for every user you refer who makes a purchase. There's no limit to how much you can earn! The more users you refer, the more you make.

    Payouts are made monthly. As soon as you've earned up to 100k Sats, you'll receive your earnings in Bitcoin to your specified wallet address.

    To check your balance, simply visit our Partners page and enter the Bitcoin address you provided when joining the affiliate program in the designated input field. After clicking on the "Check Balance" button, your current balance in satoshis and the number of orders associated with your referral code will be displayed right below.

    Feel free to reach out to our Telegram chanel. We're here to help and answer any questions you might have.